This Is The Real Reason Why Chip Packets Are So Loud

We love that sound.

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We all know the stress and anger that can occur when one tries to eat a packet of chips in a quiet environment like the movies or a business meeting. 

Well, it seems there is actually a very strategic reason why manufacturers have made packets so damn noisy! 

In a recent study carried out by Oxford University, professor Charles Spence found that chips which were loud to eat seemed to taste better! 


Participants who ate potato chips while wearing headphones found them to be “stale and spongy”, however, those who could hear the rustle of the packet felt that the chips tasted fresher! 

“The sound of the food matters," Spence told Metro. “The sound of the packaging matters and atmospheric sounds matter.”

“The sounds of the packaging in which a food is experienced – think the rattle of the crisps packet, or the pop of the champagne cork – can also influence our enjoyment of what comes next too.”

We associate potato chips with a crunch, so the sound complements the taste. If we don’t hear it, our brains think something is off. 

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Zoe P

28 November 2019

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Zoe P

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