The 'Half-Blood Thunder Moon' On July 17 Is Going To Make Everyone Freak Out

Prepare yourselves...

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We’re currently in the middle of the Mercury retrograde, which is throwing our lives into chaos, but things are about to get even shakier with the appearance of the half-blood thunder moon eclipse. 


The partial eclipse will leave the moon looking a little strange, with a curve almost splitting the moon in half as if it’s smiling - one side will be bright and glaring, the other will be dark and reddish in colour. 

According to AstroSeek, it’s going to freak us out and make things even more hectic. 

“You might have a strong need for being useful to the society and you look for justification in the outside world. 


“You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you. 

“Do not seek approval from the outside, it will not help you get rid of your doubt and it is harmful to you. 

“You have to trust your inner values.” 

Tom Kerss, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London, and author of Moongazing: Beginner's guide to exploring the Moon, revealed, “It will literally be the top half of the Moon that's obscured.”

"London will get to see it at its oddest, as it rises in the east.

“So you'll get this very strange grinning smiley face moon in the sky sitting really high up.

“If it's clear and people don't know about the eclipse, when they see the moon rising looking like that they're going to freak out.”

Tuesday’s celestial event will be a partial lunar eclipse and will only be able to be seen by those in South America, Europe and Africa on July 16, and on July 17 in Asia and Australasia.

Prepare yourselves…



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