The DM That Derailed This Podcast About Finding Love

"Red flag! Red flag! Red flag!"

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If you love shows like MAFS and Love Island then we've got the podcast for you!

If you haven't heard the podcast so far, here's the lowdown: We wanted to play cupid so we put Hit Entertainment's Amber in the hot seat!

She's attractive, she's successful and...she's been single for a decade!

We're putting her up to the challenge of dating six bachelors who are ready to win her heart.

In this BONUS episode, we get an unexpected DM about one of our contestants that sends our bachelorette into a spin!

Just when Amber thought she'd decided on her top two, a spanner's been thrown in the works. So much of a spanner we had to call MAFS expert Mel Schilling back, and give the contestant in question a call to fess up....

Listen to our BONUS episode featuring Love Island Australia's Jordan Tilli now:

Catch up on all the episodes of 'Date For It!' below!

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23 February 2022

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