Chanel Cops Backlash On Their $1k Advent Calendar That Contains STICKERS!

They deleted their TikTok

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Chanel is at the centre of an internet storm after a TikTok user posted their underwhelming advent calendar.

The calendar is worth $1140 AUD and for what you get in it, let's just say it's a very questionable price.

In the video, Elise Harmon shows that the pricey Chanel calendar includes stickers, a dust bag, a flip book, a magnet, a bracelet made of string, temporary tattoos and more BS items. 

Check it out here: 


But, we have to give honourable mentions to the nail polish, perfume and lipstick because that was more on-par and what's expected from a luxury advent calendar. 

Instagram account Diet Prada got a hold of this and revealed these crappy items were part of complimentary leftover gifts from Chanel purchases. Eek!

Better yet, Elise's videos caused so much of a ruckus that Chanel went and DELETED their TikTok account and blocked her! 


Elise has millions upon millions of views, so now everyone is across this abhorrent calendar. 

Chanel, get your act together! 

Now, if you want advent calendars that ARE worth the money and aren't chocolate, check out our list here!

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Amber Lowther

7 December 2021

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Amber Lowther

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