Hit 100.9 Major Winners 2017

Hit 100.9 Major Winners 2017

If you've won a major prize with us, not only do you get the prize... (duh) you get your name in a place of honour below.


Ok, so we've made this seem cooler than it is. Our legal team, aka the fun police, insist on us putting your name up.

I can't tell you why, I was making a DIY succulent terrarium Pinterest board during that conference call...

The Hit List

Justin Bieber:  Lauren Scott

Lady Gaga – Tamara Guy

The Weeknd - Rhiannon Norquay-Evans

Ed Sheeran WFR

Rikkie-lee Tyrrell

Sarah Piper

Lorde in California

Chloe K


Busby Marou

Bec V

Jessica H


VIP Wish List

Rebecca L

Kristie P

Hayley W

Sandy H

Stephen H

Adrian B

Emily V

Larissa P

Tamika S


Brittney Kelly