Split or Steal

Split or Steal

Split or Steal? That is the question.

Hit 104.7 is giving you the chance to win big cash!

We all know sharing is caring BUT if you STEAL you can take all the money for yourself. BEWARE greed can get you nowhere!

Hit104.7’s $10,000 Split or Steal, the choice is yours.

During each contesting segment cash amount to be won. 2 caller contestants will be given a nominated time period to select one of two options – Split or Steal.

At the end of the nominated time period to announcer will separately ask each contestant to reveal their selected response by saying either the word Split or Steal. Only one option can be selected. Each contestant will not be able to hear the other contestants response..

In the case that both contestants respond with Split they will each be rewarded with 50% of the cash.

If one contestants responds with, Split and the other contestant responds with Steal then the contestant who responded with Split will not win anything and the contestant who responded with Steal will win 100% of the cash amount.

If both contestants select Steal as their response then neither will win the cash amount.



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