Dark Mofo is Here!

Are you ready!!!

Dark Mofo is Here!

Dark Mofo is a here! 

So Dark Mofo can be confusing at the best of times! But here is a breakdown to make it as easy as possible for you! All up the festival goes for pretty much three weeks, first the Prelude week and then two weeks of festivities! 

The Festival covers quite a bit of ground from events in Port Arthur to Hobart City turning RED with events and excitement plus the Zero Exhibition at Mona and the Odeon Theatre getting ready for Tim Minchin *plus loads of other shows at the Odeon*

the Gig *Festival* Guide;

Step 1 Get tickets! this might be a little hard now that a lot of things have sold out but still try!!! tickets are always floating around and Dark Mofo is way to cool to miss out on!

Step 2 Warm clothing! Tassie is cold but during Dark Mofo with a lot of night events happening it feels even colder! 

Step 3 Have a Look at the map so you're not lost! It can be found here

Lets get down to the events you must see!  

Prelude Week!

A Journey to Freedom

This is the first FREE event happening at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery! This is an exhibition combining 12 artists with Curator Barbara Polla at the helm, the exhibition aims to break open ideas of imprisonment from the social prisons we construct for ourselves. Opening night it June 8th and it continues till July 29th! More Info here

Zero is the Beginning

 Here is the Exhibition everyone's waiting for! Mona always put on a specific exhibition to run with Dark Mofo and this year it's Zero is the Beginning. Zero was an art movement founded in the aftermath of WWII in Germany. The Exhibition invites people to come and play in the museum after dark for the opening on Saturday 9th of June, it's open from 6 -10pm and free tickets are available on the door! More Info here

Societe Anonyme

Here is an event that will bring out the fun and mayhem that Mona events are known for! Societe Anonyme is a Costume Ball happening at Hadley's Orient Hotel, on Sunday 10th of June from 8pm till Late. Get your weirdest costume out it's time to party! More Info here


Week 1

Dark Park

Dark Park is always great to go and have a look at! it's Free, always very weird and always very cool! happening at Macquarie Point and kicking off from Friday the 15th of June, it's open on both weekends of the festival, but you can from more info here!

Mike Parr, Underneath the Bitumen the Artist

From Thursday the 14th at 9pm you can watch as Artist Mike Parr goes underground for 72 hours! Entombed in a small shipping container like space underneath the Road on Macquarie Street in the City, after the 72 hours he will emerge and the entrance to the chamber he lived in will be concreted over to form a time capsule. This is a Free Event to watch and more info can be found here

Laurie Anderson + HSIN-CHIEN HUANG

This work will combine fractured stories and drawings with exploding loud sounds that will crumble into dust, this is a virtual reality work and costs $10 to enter at Domain House from Friday the 8th toll Sunday the 24th, times this work is open and more info is available here

JAGWAR MA (RedBull Music Presents)

If you're up for a dance, with very loud and probably very obscure music this one is for you! Happening at MAC2 on Saturday 16th of June from 6pm the event costs $49 and we imagine this will be a big Rave so dancing shoes a must! more info here

Lou Reed: Drones

Lou Reed incase you're not sure was the lead guitarist from the Velvet Underground so this is a "Roaring Hum" of his guitars and amps, the piece will unleash waves of feedback and is happening at Domain House from Friday the 8th will Sunday the 24th of June, the event is Free and times you can view this plus more info is available here

The Winter Feast

Here is what we've all been waiting for! The Dark Mofo + City of Hobart Winter Feast!!! The Winter Feast is always great and is a banquet by the river, food and drink galore! Food and Drink galore taking over PW1. Tickets are available here but if you head down after 8pm entry is free! 

Night Mass

Here is the Dark Mofo nightclub scene, Dark Mass will include artworks, performances, cocktail lounges and will span over 5 + locations! Tickets are available on the night as door sales or you can find more info and tickets here

Week 2

 Tim Minchin

If you can manage to get tickets to this one, make sure you go! Tim Minchin will be doing shows at the Odeon Theatre on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of June! Minchin is a musician, actor, composer, writer and comedian, he does it all so this is one not to miss if you get the chance to buy tix! 

Hymns to the Dead

Enter at your own risk this event is a night of heavy extreme metal music at the Odeon Theatre! tickets are $69 and you can find more info and tickets here

Royji Ikeda - Spectra

Spectra is back! The towering pillar of light reaching into the nights sky now has a permanent home at Mona and will be on during the festival! You can see it whilst on the Mona Ferry, this one is Free to see! more info can be found here

Nude Solstice Swim

Get ready to get nude! It's the nudie swim, happening on the Winter Solstice on Friday 22nd of June, at Long Beach Sandy Bay, this is Free but you must register, you can register here


Another music event this one will explore transcendent music and experimental sound, on Saturday 23rd of June, at MAC2. Tickets are $49 and you can find them here with more info on the event as well!

The Burning OGOH-OGOH

Joing the massive procession snaking its way to the waterfront, it's the Burning of the OGOH OGOH! meet at Parliment Lawns and follow along for the Free entertainment! on Sunday 24th of June, this is one of the final events for Dark Mofo and is always great fun to be apart of!