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There's a Cob Loaf Festival Happening This Weekend In Helensvale

Dreams really do come true...

There's a Cob Loaf Festival Happening This Weekend In Helensvale

Who knew cutting the lid of a loaf of bread, gutting it, and stuffing it with a cheesy concoction could taste so good?

It was the 70's when the humble cob loaf became an Aussie icon. No family gathering or BBQ would be seen without guests dipping soft bread chunks into warm cream cheese filling. 

Some would argue that the iconic crowd favourite never truly left us. But recently, this simple culinary masterpiece has made a resurgence thanks to internet memes and social activity. 

Facebook group 'Cob Loaf Memes' helping bring back the 70's dish. Photo credit: Cob Loaf Memes Facebook page. 

So much so, that this weekend the Gold Coast is throwing the party pleaser its very own party.

The Cob Loaf Festival will be held at NightQuarter in Helensvale this Saturday 18th August from 4pm - 10pm with as much dipping action you can poke a fork at.

The cheese fondue cob set to make an appearance at The Cob Festival this Saturday. Photo credit: NightQuarter 

Showcasing classic to modern twists on the quintessentially Aussie dish, the festival is set to bring a community of GC loaf lovers together at last.

From cheese fondue, American, all day breakfast and cream brule cob to chicken curry, pizza, macaroni and loaded fries cob - the varieties will give the classic dish a whole new meaning. 

Eat cob 24/7 with this all day breakfast cob. Photo credit: NightQuarter 

And if you're a party host extraordinaire who has hidden in the shadows for too long with a killer cob recipe - now is your time to shine. 

The Community Cob Competition invites all cob masters on the night to whip up their best cob to be judged on appearance, taste, aroma and creativity. 

Set to kick off from 3pm, the cob grand champion will be crowned by 6:45pm.

To enter tag yourself or someone you know on the competition Facebook page here and keep an eye on it for more delicious details to come.

Who said cob was just for savoury lovers? Photo credit: NightQuarter
The festival has travelled the globe, made famous in NSW, Wellington, UK and now the Gold Coast. 
So, who's ready to fall in loaf this weekend at NightQuarter?