Everything You Need To Know About Sea FM's Dan's Dream Gold Coast Wedding!!!

Everything you need to know!

Everything You Need To Know About Sea FM's Dan's Dream Gold Coast Wedding!!!

Dan Anstey, part of Heather, Dan and Ben just got MARRIED!!! We couldn't think of anywhere better to get married than on the Gold Coast and neither could Dan! So, to keep the wedding festivities going, we thought we'd ask Dan some questions leading up to the big day. His fiancée, Clare (who is GORGEOUS by the way. Dan, you're seriously punching), also chimed in - double wammy! From who's on the guest list to if he's going to cry, we have ALL the pre-wedding goss for your enjoyment:

Where did you propose and how? 

Christmas morning 2017. She keeps telling me she knew it was coming, but I have my doubts given she was so shocked she immediately started swearing like a wounded pirate right in from of my 82-year-old grandma.

Where will the wedding be?

Gilston Manor in Gilston, on the way to the hinterland. Ceremony, reception and next day function will be all out there! Godspeed to the cleaning crew on Monday...

What has the organising process been like?

Clare has been bloody hopeless, I’ve had to really take the reins and step up*.

*a huge lie 

Duff has pretty much done it all if I’m being honest, and despite one or two hiccups she’s loved every minute of it. She’s a real organiser and there’s no point of me doing much of the heavy lifting because I’ll just do it wrong and she’ll have to fix it. Having said that, I arranged all my groomsmen’s bowties (through my mates company) and booked the DJ's (who are just friends of mine). What a power couple.

What input have you had on the wedding planning? 

I have relinquished full control of my credit card. It’s basically a trail run for the next 50 years. She lets me feel special from time to time by asking if I approve of certain things, although I’m almost certain she just ignores my answers. Not that I mind as she’s done a better job than ten of me could do.

Any guest list spoilers you can tell us?

Scott Tweedie, Lauren Phillips, Dylan Alcott, Clint Stanaway, Tom Steinfort, Justin Quill, Tim Johnson from Comuna Cantina & David Lutteral will all be in fine form.

How will you be prepping for the day?

Being a male I am hashtag blessed. Sleep in, big breakfast, maybe a beer with the boys to settle the nerves?

Duff here – I will be getting up early, doing some mat Pilates with my “Duffmaids”, coffee, decent breakfast, eye masks will go on and hair and makeup stylists will arrive all before 7:30am. 

Who’s your best man and why?

His name is Brendan Capell. He’s a former 25km open ocean world champion swimmer and a bloody good bloke. I was his best man and roasted him on his big day, so it’s only fair he get a right of reply!

Bow tie or tie? 

Bow tie! As made by Tailor’s Mark run by Dave and Fish, two mates of mine from Melbourne. Why?  Because Clare told me to. #goodboy

Are you a crier? 

We’ll find out! I’m a sympathetic crier, so I’m likely to go if I see my parents or brothers (who will both be up there next to me) break down. Bookies would be paying $1.80 for the cry and $2.10 for the no cry, so the odds are slightly in favour of waterworks.

Duff again – my bet is he will 100% cry, you watch! 

Why have you chosen to have your wedding on the Gold Coast?

Ironically, part of the reason was definitely the weather, which looks like it might turn on us Saturday! I’m confident the GC will deliver for us though. She’s pretty perfect most of the time. We both love it here on the GC and thought we’d treat our Melbourne friends to a mid-winter escape from the dreary southern depths. The property we found, Gilston Manor, is just unreal too. Couldn’t say no.

What’s your favourite part about the Gold Coast at this time of year?

Weather again! It’s so clear and warm. If you can still go for a morning beach walk in winter you know you’re doing life right.

What makes the Gold Coast special for you?

People is a huge factor here. Everyone just seems to know how lucky they are and really appreciate it. It’s a cruisy, hassle-free lifestyle and if you need to get to Brissie, Syd or Melb for work it’s a pretty easy commute. Live where other people holiday! We’ve bought a house and are not intending to go anywhere.

Will listeners have the chance to hear about your wedding afterwards on the show?

Absolutely, straight back to work on the Monday to spill the beans. Have the aspirin ready please.  


Sending big love to Dan & Clare on their big day!!! 


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