Your Wheelie Bin Is Full Of Gold, Baby!!

Save Planet A, Get Coin!

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One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. An old saying that has many applications: former partners, the leftover Bounty chocs in a box of Favourites, embarrassing throwback pics your high school mates keep posting... the list goes on.

When it comes to literal trash, here too we find many options. Some people use the saying as inspiration to create new works of artistic brilliance – just like the Black Sea Bream of Uno.

Others choose to perform the incredible magic trick of transforming trash into cold hard cash.

We say magic trick, but there’s actually no white rabbits or top hats involved.

Just the fact that every eligible bottle, can, plastic and cardboard container can actually be exchanged for cash at Express Recycling. Abracadabra!

Pictures of repurposed-rubbish art are a lot more interesting than pictures of another canny recycler making bank. So, we’ve decided to show you Bristol Whale, another example of the former.

If your inner artiste isn’t awakened, we think you should get down to Express Recycling with your bottles, cans, plastic or cardboard containers and do a lil’ magic.

Drop into Express Recycling Carrara or Express Recycling Currumbin, 7 days a week.

Make some coin whilst helping reduce the amount of recyclables in landfill.

In Association With Express Recycling Carrara & Currumbin

20 July 2020

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In Association With Express Recycling Carrara & Currumbin

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