You Share The Worst Things You Did On Year 12 Muck Up Day!

These are hilarious

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This morning on the show, Nick, Jess & Ducko wanted to know what's the worst thing you did at muck up day in Year 12? This comes after a private girls school in Sydney put their school up for sale and the police got involved.

Basically, one of the students had a connection at a real estate agency and they erected a HUGE 'For Sale' sign at the front of the school. Police got involved but they thought the joke was great! 

So, Ducko decided he'd reveal what he did for his muck up day - it included alarms and FLARES! It's a miracle he made it to graduation.

Nick's was...pretty tame. Let's just say, poor tuckshop lady. 

Find out what the guys did for their muck up day here: 

Nick, Jess & Ducko then wanted to know what YOU did for your muck up day, and you did not disappoint!

From borrowing cows, using weed spray and getting rid of toilet paper, this was pretty great.

Listen to our callers muck up day stories here: 

Amber Lowther

17 September 2020

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Amber Lowther

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