You Could Soon Be Paid To Live In Italy

Paid? Yes.

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If you are currently looking for ways to earn money… who isn’t tbh... this one may be right up your alley!

You could soon be on your way to Italy to be paid!

An actual dream.

But there is a catch… Molise, which is located in southern Italy, is literally offering 700 euro ($1,120 Australian) per month for someone to live in one of its more unpopulated villages for three years.

Sounds okay?

Well, you will also have to find a village with less than 2,000 people and… well… you also need to open up your own business.

But, tbh, living in Italy and getting paid is what we are talking ABOUT.

Can you imagine watching the sunset, eating and drinking all the food and wine and just ITALY!

The President of Molise, Donato Toma, told the Guardian “They can open any sort of activity: a bread shop, a stationery shop, a restaurant, anything. It’s a way to breathe life into our towns while also increasing the population.”

The population of Molise has declined dramatically over the past few years and they hope that this way it may spark some new joy to the villages.

Do you think you could handle it? Save all your business ideas for Molise please.

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Carly Heading

12 September 2019

Article by:

Carly Heading

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