You Could Own A House In Sicily For Just One Euro

A dream come true!

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Case 1 Euro

If you're priced out of the Australian housing market, maybe it's time to cast your net wider... to Sicily, Italy to be precise! 

The Municipality of Mussomeli in Sicily is currently selling homes for just € 1  - yes that's one Euro ($AU1.62) for an entire home. 

Why? The houses are currently vacant for a variety of reasons, including an Italian taxation situation around owning multiple dwellings, and the fact that many people in Mussomeli have moved to larger towns to look for work. This means they are keen to sell their houses for almost nothing. 

Most of the houses are rundown, so you'll need to be able to commit to renovating the dwelling within three years. 

According to their website, 100 people have already bought homes through the scheme. 

To purchase your own Italian dream home, all you need to do is browse the Case 1 Euro website, choose your property and get in touch with the municipality workers via the contact form or by phone. 

Note that while the houses are only € 1, there are some expenses around the paperwork and local taxes. The organisers estimate these would cost between € 2,500 and € 4,000 which is still less than the cost of the average suburban Australian home. 

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Entertainment News Team

4 November 2019

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Entertainment News Team

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