You Can Now Get Matching Necklaces For You & Your Dog Or Cat!

They're pawfect!

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Slashpile Designs Etsy

Dogs are mankind’s best friends, and cats, well cats pick and choose when they want to show us love and when they want us to bend the knee and treat them like royalty. 

Nevertheless, our love for both kinds is endless and now there are matching dog/cat and human necklaces to help cement your love for and unbreakable bond with your pet!

Etsy seller Slashpile Designs has created some unique pet and human friendship necklaces that people are frothing over!

The necklaces and collar pendants/clips are all sterling silver, handmade and made to order, and prices range from $70 upwards. 

There are different combination options for the pet and human pendants, all of which we LOVE!

They can also me customised with laser-engraving, so you can add their name, a phone number, or whatever you want!

Sound like the most pawdorable way to show the world how much you love your pet?

You can find the designs and products at the SlashpileDesigns Etsy page HERE


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