You Can Get Pillowcases With Your Pets Face ALL Over Them!


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Our love for our pets knows NO bounds, so we’re always looking for cute new products to shout it from the rooftops. 

This time around, you’ll be able to shout it from rooftops in your dreams, because these adorable pillowcases can be personalised with your pet’s face so that you’re always dreaming of them!

Dogsy has blessed us all with ‘Your Dog Pillowcases’, which are sold in sets of two and all you have to do is upload a picture of your pet, or pets, and they’ll make the magic happen! 

(We’re sure you can sneak a pic of your cat in instead if you want!)

You can pick up a pair of these good boys for around $40 online and they’re about as puptastic as you can get, don’t you think?!

They also have a whole range of other products you can purchase, from shirts for you and your pup, to cushions, pet beds, and more!

You can find these beauties online HERE


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