Yeah Nah, Australia’s Heatwave Isn’t Slowing Down Any Time Soon

Record-breaking temperatures!

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As predicted, this passing weekend saw Australia’s heatwave bring record-breaking temperatures across the country’s centre and south-east.

Sydney sweltered through its hottest night on record while for the first time in history, the city experienced two consecutive November days above 40°C.

Fireys are still battling over 50 bush and grass fires burning in NSW, with aerial firefighters using water from Parramatta lake to save a property burning in Sydney’s west.

Temperatures also soared across South Australia over the weekend, with Port Augusta and Coober Pedy hitting 46°C.


Meanwhile, Queensland is expected to experience record-breaking temperatures today, with mercury predicted to hit 45°C.

Natarsha Belling has explained everything you nee to know about the heatwave, including bushfire expectations, in the latest episode of the Your Morning Agenda podcast.

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30 November 2020

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