Would You Pay A 10 Cent Levy On Milk To Help The Farmers?

Calls for levy to help farmers

4 September 2018

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Dairy farmers are pushing for a ten cent levy on Aussie milk to help drought-stricken farmers.

The Queensland Dairy Farmers’ Organisation has launched a petition which it hopes will get supermarkets and dairy processors attention.

While any action will have to come from the parties involved, the petition has attracted over 13,000 signatures. 

Farmers organisation Spokeswoman Sarah Ferguson says she thinks milk prices in supermarkets are too low.

“60 per cent of milk is currently being sold at 1992 prices, which is absolutely insane. there’s no other product on the market which is still being sold at 1992 prices.”

Despite this, the ACCC’s report on its inquiry into the dairy sector, released in May this year, found there was no link between prices paid to farmers by processors and the amount supermarkets charged for private label milk.

The report found raising supermarket milk prices wouldn’t lead to higher prices paid too farmers.

The farmers association say a levy could be a solution - and they're confident consumers would be on board. 
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