Woolworths To Phase Out Reusable Plastic Bags From All Queensland Stores

As part of nationwide phase out

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Supermarket giant Woolworths will begin phasing out their 15cent plastic bags over the next few weeks as part of their commitment to getting rid of the bags from their stores completely.

Woolworths will start phasing out plastic bags from their Queensland stores over the coming weeks which will see around 1,500 tonnes of plastic pulled from circulation annually.

So far, the bags have already been phased out of a number of states including South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia as of last year.

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Woolworths State General Manager for Queensland Danny Baldwin said the company decided to phase out reusable plastic bags with shopping habits evolving nationwide.

“We’re proud to be the first major supermarket to commit to removing plastic shopping bags from our stores nationwide, and this change is an important step towards more sustainable grocery shopping for Queenslanders,” he said.

“Bringing your own bags is the very best outcome for the environment, and we encourage our customers to keep up the great work. Paper bags will continue to be available for those who forget to bring their own - but ultimately we want to sell less bags altogether.

“We know it may be an adjustment for some customers and we thank them in advance for their support as we all work together to create a better tomorrow.”

To help Queenslanders ease into life without reusable plastic bags, Woolworths will send reminders to customers via email and signs in store.

Woolworths aims to be rid of reusable plastic bags from all stores nationwide by June of 2023.

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Georgie Marr

15 February 2023

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Georgie Marr

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