Woolies Reveals When The Price Of Iceberg Lettuce Will Drop Amid Fruit & Veg Supply Gaps

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Woolworths supermarket has revealed when the price of iceberg lettuce will return to normal.

The retail giant on Thursday released a statement outlining the status on a range of ‘reduced supply’ fruit and vegetables impacted by poor growing conditions over recent months.

“You might notice gaps in our supply of fresh herbs due to poor weather conditions. We’re expecting availability to get better from August,” Woolworths said in a statement on Thursday.

“Heavy rain across the growing regions means you may not be able to shop our entire range of baby spinach and salad bowls. We expect supply to improve over the next four weeks,” the update said.

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To the relief of many shoppers, particularly those in Queensland who have been paying up to $12 for iceberg lettuce, the popular salad staple is expected to drop in price around the end of July along with spinach, while the price of cos lettuce is not predicted to ease until the end of August.

Woolworths General Manager of Fruit and Veg Paul Turner said the supermarket is working around the clock to improve availability.

“We know our customers choose Woolworths because we’re committed to providing great quality fresh food all year-round,” Mr Turner said.

“We’re continuing to keep our customers updated on the availability of key fruit and veg varieties that have been impacted by poor growing conditions.

“While challenges continue, our Iceberg lettuce and spinach growers are telling us customers can expect to see improved availability over the next month," he said.

“Many growers are still experiencing the effects of heavy rain from earlier this year. This has pushed back the planting and harvesting of crops, with reduced availability continuing to be exacerbated by cooler temperatures and low levels of sunlight."

- Paul Turner

Woolworths has provided the following information on specific lines in reduced supply:

  • Lettuce & spinach: Continue to be in very short supply. Wet and cold weather has caused delayed planting and slower overall growth. Woolworths expects its Iceberg and spinach supply to recover around the end of July, while Cos should improve towards the end of August.
  • Green beans: Supply remains limited, however the crops are in recovery. Improved availability is expected in August.
  • Zucchini, capsicum, kale, silverbeet and leafy Asian vegetables: These lines have been affected by cooler weather. Woolworths expects shelves will be better stocked next month for these vegetables.
  • Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries: Availability and quality expected to improve around the end of July.

Woolworths has noted that Western Australian supermarkets have not been hit as hard as those on the eastern seaboard, given the majority of fresh produce came from within the state.


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23 June 2022

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