Wizards Unite: Why You’ll LOVE The Pokémon Go-Style Harry Potter Game!

…I’m a WHAT?

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

15 March 2019

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Warner Bros. Games / Niantic / Warner Bros.

When it comes to pop culture phases we went through as kids, two of the most important ones that helped shape the kids of the 90’s were probably:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Pokémon 

You can try to fight me on this, but you’ll lose, because I’m way too stubborn to let anyone change my mind. 

HP and Pokemon have stood the test of time and are STILL relevant today for kids and adults alike. We still froth over new HP merchandise and films. Some of us are even heavily into Pokémon Go

Now, Harry Potter is following the lead of Pokémon to release a Pokémon Go-style game that can make us feel like the witches and wizards we know we are at heart! 

Niantic and Warner Bros. Games have teamed up for the AR mobile game, which, according to Press-Start, “revolves around you being a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, which is established by the Ministry of Magic. 

“As you walk around the map (which looks similar to Pokemon Go), you’ll discover Traces of magic, highlighting locations that feature familiar Wizarding World locations which you’ll be able to travel through.

“Fortresses also appear around the place, which is where you’ll test your power. You can compete in Wizarding Challenges which are real-time multiplayer battles against popular enemies such as the Death Eater and Dementor.”

Here’s a look at the gameplay!


If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘this is for geeks - who would want to play this?!’ then let these simple points persuade you to come to your senses:

  • You get to finally be a part of the wizarding world, considering your acceptance letter never came as a kid…
  • Magic will literally be all around you (if only in an AR sense…)!
  • Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you can actually get some true joy out of your phone use!
  • It’s Harry Potter-related… so of course it’s guaranteed to make you happy, right?

You can pre-register on the Google Play store, but iOS pre-registry hasn’t opened yet. Find out more on the official website HERE.  


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