WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Has Named Their Precious New Koala Joey!

What a cutie!

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WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

WILD Life Sydney Zoo have welcomed the arrival of their newest and final koala joey of the year!

To celebrate the big occasion, the dedicated keepers at the Darling Harbour zoo have held a Naming Party for the eight-month-old native.

Let us introduce you to…. Sapphire!

Renee Howell, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo HeadKeeper said the name Sapphire was carefully and unanimously selected by the team as it represents her importance to koalas and the zoo.

“Sapphires are precious gemstones and we consider our koalas to be particularly precious, especially given the threat to their population,” she said.

“As the newest addition, she will make a fantastic ambassador for her species and help educate guests on how they can better protect Australia’s iconic koalas in the wild.”

Sapphire joins 11-month-old Jasper and 12-month-old Ilani as the last of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s koala joeys for 2020.

Guests can choose to get up close and meet Sapphire in the zoo’s Koala Photo experience which is available daily for $25 for 2 people with photos included (not included in admissions entry).

The arrival of Sapphire comes after a parliament inquiry committee reported that koalas will become extinct in NSW before 2050 unless the government takes urgent action.

You can find tickets and more information here!

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30 September 2020

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