Why Your Woolworths Discovery Garden Seedlings Are NOT Growing

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We’re all super excited about the eco-friendly Discovery Garden collection that Woolworths has dropped. 

With 24 seedlings to collect, families are rushing to try and collect them all, with every customer receiving one free for every $30 spent. 

However, if you’ve picked up some seedlings and tried planting them straight away, only to have them not sprout up - you might be wondering why they aren’t growing.

Well, the short answer - you’re planting them in the wrong season!

Each seed has a different growing season, so if you’re really wanting to grow cabbage, you’re going to have to wait until Summer!

Here’s a list of all the seedlings and WHEN you should plant them!

Basil: Spring to summer

Beetroot: Late winter to autumn

Bok Choi: Spring to autumn

Cabbage: Summer to autumn

Carrot: All year round, except winter in cool areas

Chamomile: Spring to early summer

Chives: Spring to autumn

Coriander: Spring to summer

Cress: Any season

Dianthus: Spring and autumn

Lettuce: Late winter to autumn

Onion: Autumn to winter

Oregano: Spring to autumn

Pansy: Mid-summer to Autumn 

Parsley: Spring to autumn

Radish: Any season

Rocket: Any season

Snapdragon: Spring to early summer

Spinach: Late summer to winter

Thyme: Autumn to early Spring

Tomato: Early spring to summer

Viola: Spring to early summer

Dill: Spring to autumn

Kale: Late summer to winter


Limited Edition:

Sunflower: Spring to early summer

How is your discovery garden coming along?


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