Why You’re Seeing More Skippies In Townsville Suburbs ATM

and it’s not the Aussie TV icon!

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In the late 60’s Aussie kids had their eyes locked on Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and now Skippy’s cousins are moving into local suburbs.

A drier than usual winter means that the jumpy animals are looking out for food and water away from their usual resources.

Kangaroos and wallabies have been spotted in heavily populated areas around Townsville, including on our roads.

High risk times for meeting a skippy on our roads are on dawn and dusk and RACQ have tips on how to keep yourself and the animals safe.

Lauren Ritchie of RACQ says being roo aware while the animals are on the move from rural areas is everyone’s responsibility.  

“Dawn and dusk are high peak times for wildlife activity and of course then the risk of animal strikes is a lot higher at that time of day as well. So if you are travelling night time, early in the morning, pay attention to kangaroos and any other wildlife that may be on the roads,” warns Lauren.

“When it comes to any sort of animal strike it can cause significant damage to a vehicle and has a real risk to the passengers and drivers as well, so that’s when making sure everyone is  wearing a seatbelt  is so important because you just don’t know what might happen and where they might strike.”



Carley Whittington

30 July 2019

Article by:

Carley Whittington

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