Why we won't ever see a gay AFL player

Expert confirms there are gay players

27 July 2018

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This morning on Fifi, Dave, Fev & Byron the guys chatted to Angie Greene, the founder of Stand Up Events.

Angie's job is to make sure AFL and wider sports in Australia are inclusive of people within the LGBT+ community. Angie’s second brother, Brent, was a talented athlete but as a gay man felt out of place in team sporting cultures and shunned the environment. Brent’s experience, and discrimination he experienced beyond sport, drove Angie to create Stand Up Events.


In the chat, Angie admitted that she can confidently say there are gay players currently listed in the AFL.

Former AFL great Brendan Fevola asked Angie about the lack of openly gay players in the AFL, especially when you approach the question statistically.

“I can speak confidently that there are current players” Angie told the team. 

Hear the full chat below:

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