Why Shannon Noll's On-Stage Outburst Is Problematic

'Shocking display'

9 July 2018

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A video of Shannon Noll yelling at an audience member at a gig overnight has gone viral, with concerns raised about the expletive-laden rant and the violent undertones invoked.

Jackson Fairchild, director of practice and learning at No To Violence, has said that this is emblematic of a bigger problem in society, but that doesn't mean that we should accept this standard of behaviour.

"I think this is a shocking display of the attitudes and violence that can be present in these spaces," Mr Fairchild said.

"It's very important for us to identify and name how problematic Mr Noll's behaviour was, and also the behaviour of those that were cheering along."

Footage of the incident shows Mr Noll reacting after a full can was thrown on stage, with concerns after a band member was injured last year when a firecracker was pegged at the stage.

Who's that f***head? Whoever threw that come up here...have the balls to come up here and I'll meet you over there. That f**khead in the tie - everyone look around. You're a f**king maggot...Who says he should come up? Let's shame that pr**k. Have some balls and come up here and I'll punch your f**king teeth down your throat. Then I'll f**k your missus and your mum.

- Shannon Noll


"The way that it positioned women as a tool of men's violence, and raised up these violent attitudes as a position of power, strength and masculinity I think is very concerning.

"And it's very important that we have that difficult conversation about that kind of language, and own up on the impact that may be having on the women in his life.

"I think it's really important for people at their sporting organisations and clubs to consider what they can do to lead in this space."

Mr Noll also offered $100 to a member of the crowd if they punched the guy who threw the can.

He has posted the following apology online.


Any men who are concerned about their behaviour are encouraged to get in touch with the Men's Referral Service for more information and assistance.

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