Why Celebs Are Obsessed With This Post Workout Treatment

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We love a good workout routine. One day it's the latest machine, the next it's how we can workout outdoors or from home. But the latest thing is what we do AFTER our workouts.


Or recovery, more like it. From massage to stretching, cupping and drainage, our favourite celebs cannot get enough of it.

Jorge Zurita, the resident Physical Recovery Expert at Acero Gym (the trainers behind Rebel Wilson's incredible transformation) is the man that the celebs run to. He's worked with everyone from Rita Ora to Laura Dundovic and Candice Warner, they all see him for a range of post training treatments.

When we caught up with Jorge, he gave us the low down on what he would recommend.

Why should we stretch post workout?

Long muscles are strong muscles! Stretching is as important as training, we just never give it the time it really needs because we can’t be bothered or because we prefer to use the time to workout a bit more. But we underestimate how important and beneficial is for your progress, stretching will relieve muscle pain, it will help to increase your flexibility, mobility and performance when training. And most important of all, injury prevention.

What would be your number 1 tip for people when it comes to recovery?

Never wait until you start feeling pain, because sometimes it can be too late! Do anything for your recovery, get massages, get into the habit of stretching, get a massage gun, visit your physio and massage therapist regularly. The body is like a car! It needs maintenance otherwise it will break...

If I'm working from home, what are the 3 must do stretches?

You need to focus your stretching in these 3 areas:

Neck, middle back and lower back (basically the muscles that give all the support to your spine), bad posture and sitting in front a computer for hours is not good and if you add that in our breaks, we are looking to our phones watching TikToks or Instagram, this isn't good either.

What are warnings to look out for and to see a professional?

I think you shouldn’t wait to feel pain to go and see a professional, prevention is the most effective rehabilitation.

But if you start to feel that annoying click in your shoulder run (safely) to your physio! Don’t wait til it becomes a chronic inflammation, because you thought the pain was going to go away. My point with this is, as soon as you feel a minimum thing go and get it checked, the sooner you treat something the faster it will heal...


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26 November 2021

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