Where You Can Go Nutty For World Nutella Day In Townsville


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Tomorrow the world will salute the greatest spread of them all, Nutella.

A chocolatey fix that satisfies every sweet tooth is being offered at a stack of Townsville foodie spots to celebrate World Nutella Day.

Take note of the list below and message the group chat to arrange a date that your tastebuds will go nuts for!

Three Loaves Bakehouse- Nutella Cronuts

Strandview Café- Waffles with Nutella

Millie J & Co- Nutella Frappe, Nutella and Banana Jaffles, Nutella stuffed French Toast with strawberry ice cream, Hot Nutella Fudge with fresh berries

Memyself.coffee- Nutella Jaffles

Juliette’s- Nutella Gelato

City Oasis Café- Banana and Nutella Pies

Leafwood Café- Nutella Crepe, Nutella Strawberry and Banana Crepe, Nutella Strawberry Crepe, Nutella Donuts

Café Bambini Fairfield- Ferrero Rocher Frappe with Nutella and White Choc powder, Nutella Latte

Otto’s- Nutella French Toast, Nutella Frappe

Tide Café- Nutella Waffles

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Carley Whittington

4 February 2021

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Carley Whittington

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