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By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – Robyn Mackenzie/123rf.com

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction that comes with biting into a delicious hot pie.

There’s plenty of places around the capital to get your fix!

But where are the best ones?

That’s the question Ellie Mobbs, Betho and Jason Roses asked on their Sunday @INSTACAN show recently.

Based on your votes from the Facebook post, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three best pie venues in Canberra!

We might cop a bit of flack for the #3 venue, as it’s technically not in Canberra.

BUT, it is still super close, so we’re going to give it the praise it deserves.

The Baker at Sutton has all sorts of baked goods, including some amazing pies!

Whether you’re a meat eater or vego, there’s something for everyone.

They’ve even got some impressive family sized pies to feed the whole clan!

Coming in at #2 is Dobinsons!

Anyone who’s walked past one of their bakeries has no doubt seen their vast array of yummy pies, with a range of classic to more out-there flavours.

With the clear majority of votes, Elaine’s Gourmet Pies takes the #1 spot!

Their handmade gourmet pies are absolutely to die for, with a stack of flavours to choose from, including chunky satay chicken and macaroni bacon and shallots!


Where do you think sells the best pies in Canberra? Have your say at our Facebook page!

19 September 2018

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