What A Load Of River Rubbish

Canoes Clean Goulburn

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RiverConnect, the Shepparton Canoe Club and Veolia were out on the water Sunday morning on a clean-up mission.

The team had eight Canoes and a boat on the water with 13 participants helping rid the water ways of any rubbish. The boats hit the water at 9am from Kaieltheban Park Mooroopna and travelled four kilometres to Dainton’s Bridge, collecting litter on their way.


RiverConnect Project Officer Meg Pethybridge said the Goulburn River was the life source of the Shepparton and Mooroopna area and RiverConnect aimed to protect, repair, enhance and sustain important river, wetland and forest environments, so current and future generations could enjoy the natural rivers and red gum forest environments.

“Working together with Shepparton Canoe Club and Veolia was an incredible
opportunity to get the local community involved in protecting our water system, the rivers are utilised every day for a number of recreational and cultural activities and everyone has a role to play in keeping them clean and safe,” Ms Pethybridge said.

During the three hour trip the paddlers collected 830 kilograms of waste, including 4 tyres, 2 shopping trolleys, reels of fishing line, bottles and bags, broken camping equipment, a couple of full outfits of clothing, a bike and a pillow.

It is always concerning seeing litter and rubbish not being disposed of correctly. The majority of the community is doing the right thing however we still have some people who choose to litter which has great consequences on our environment - Meg Pethybridge, RiverConnect Project Officer

Veolia Depot Manager John Lewis said there was still a lot of work to be done to
keep our rivers clean.

“The amount of rubbish is having an impact on the local river, we have healthy
fisheries here at the moment but if we don’t maintain it, it won’t last,” Mr Lewis said.

“Veolia has a strong connection with community and the wellbeing of the
environment, we are always looking for ways in which we can be involved sharing our experience and access to a variety of disposal options and waste solutions not just for business but also the broader community.”

When approached to support the day there was little to think about as Mr Lewis and his family utilises the river frequently and wanted to be a part of taking care of it.

For anyone who would like more information, click for RiverConnect.

9 April 2019

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