Western Sydney Family Suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Amid Cost Of Living Pressure

“Close to being a complete tragedy”

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A western Sydney family is lucky to be alive after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from a charcoal barbecue used as an indoor heater.

The four adults and two children were sleeping in a granny flat in Merrylands on Tuesday morning, when one person woke up feeling nauseous.

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When emergency services arrived at the scene just before 5am, paramedics and firefighters discovered an outdoor barbecue had been brought inside overnight to warm the house.

The outdoor cooker which was operated to heat the house overnight, had been used by the family to burn charcoal beads, which give off poisonous and odourless carbon monoxide gas.

Four adults were taken to Westmead Hospital and two boys were taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital after paramedics determined all six were suffering from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

The Nawaseri family said they were looking to reduce their power bill amid cost of living pressures.

Mr Nawaseri said he just wanted his family to be warm.

“I wanted to make my son warm because at night time it was so cold,” he told The Daily Telegraph. 

“(It’s) very expensive, the gas and everything.”

“A lot of people’s heaters do not work and they don’t have enough money to pay," he said.


Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Adam Dewberry said that they are lucky to be alive.

“Carbon monoxide is a silent killer … You won’t smell it when you’re asleep,” he said. “It was so close to being a complete tragedy.”

FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter on Monday, issued a warning over the use of heaters.

“Portable heaters, especially bar heaters will kill you if you are not careful with them,” he said.

“Keep anything combustible a metre from the heater; clothing, curtains, couches and furniture - turn them off when you go to bed.”

- Comm Baxter

Residential fires in NSW this winter have resulted in the deaths of 10 people already this year.


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20 July 2022

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