We're Trying To Help A Woman Find The Father Of Her Son

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10 October 2018

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Last week, we received a message on facebook from a Brisbane mother asking for help.

Sarah gave birth to her son Eric 22 years ago and now, she wants to locate the father of her son so they can build a relationship.

Her son has become curious about who his father is and Sarah feels that every child should know who their father is and what their background is.

Sarah explained that she met the father and was getting to know him over a period of time and thought nothing would come of it and never expected to fall pregnant to him.

When she gave birth to her son, the father came to visit them and held the baby, promising to help them financially however, his promise fell through and she lost contact with him.

Sarah is hoping that she can at least obtain a photo of the father for Eric to see and hopefully, the two can have a relationship in the future.

She told us that the father's name is Zsdt, he is from Hungary and would be roughly 43-years-old. She explained that he was short, muscular and had dark hair with a foil in his fringe. Zsdt used to live in Woody Point with his parents and went to the Woody Point gym, however, she doesn't know if he is still in Australia, or has moved overseas. 

Listen to our full chat with Sarah below to hear more information:

If you have any information for Sarah, please call Stav, Abby and Matt on 13 10 60 or message them on Facebook. You can remain anonymous.

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