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International Women's Day is officially here, but that doesn't mean we should only celebrate women once a year!

So, what better way to commemorate the hard work women do everywhere, everyday than by supporting and following some of the best of the best in the business! 

We've gone and found some of the most inspirational women we could find from all different fields and backgrounds. We've ~hopefully~ covered everything from beauty and fashion gurus to social justice and environmental queens with many more thrown in!

And you bet their grams are full of words of wisdom, tips 'n tricks we could all incorporate into our everyday lives. So what are you waiting for? You can check them out below:

Beauty Buffs

Edible Earth Beauty Elixirs are eco-luxe beauty and wellness treats designed by women to support the body! They are also the most affordable premium marine collagen peptides in Aus (known as super collagen), with plenty of other medicinal and nutritional products to pick from.

You heard it here first, Mother SPF is one of the only 100% mineral sunscreens out there, which uses only a few key clean and organic ingredients, but you still get all the benefits of skin microbiome protection. These products are also vegan and reef-friendly with sustainable packaging and products! So it's a major win for your skin and the environment. 

What do you get when you combine a former Biggest Loser trainer and an expert nutritionist? Well, Libby Babet and Veronika Larisovahas have gone beauty food crazy and founded a whole bunch of clean eats to better the body, the mind and skin with Beauty Food and Chief Bar being two of them!

WooWoo is dedicated to empowering women and their bodies with their vegan, cruelty-free and intimate care products! Whether it’s for the beach, the bedroom, or just because, their range of intimate care products are specially designed to help women pamper, protect and pleasure their woowoo, their way (without the stigma or the nasties)!

Health Legends

Chantelle Otten is the award-winning sexologist who is making waves! She is passionate about normalising sexuality and empowering all bodies!

Keep It Cleaner is so much more than just a fitness business, it encapsulates the best of physical and mental wellbeing while keeping it real! Founded by besties, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw there is nothing these two queens can't do, we guarantee you'll be feeling like a boss and getting out and about in no time! 

Turia Pitt is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring women in Australia, she is a mining engineer and fitness fiend who was unfortunately caught in a grassfire whilst on a 100km marathon and ended up with burns to over 65 percent of her body, lost fingers and has had over 200 surgeries, but still, she survived. She has now recovered and works constantly on empowering those around her! 

Not only was Moana Hope a killer contestant on Survivor Australia, but she is also a highly-skilled AFL Women’s player, businesswoman, member of the LGBTQ+ community and full-time carer for her disabled sister, Lavinia. Moana not only uses her Instagram to show off all aspects of her life but to create better awareness too!   

Ellyse Perry has been making waves in Australian sport since the age of 16, representing her country in football and cricket. She continues to inspire other young Aussie women to do the same!

Stephanie Kurlow aka the world’s first hijabi ballerina! She is a 19-year-old Russian-Australian ballet dancer who is inspiring women across the globe. After struggling to find a ballet school that would allow her to keep her hijab on, Stephanie has now received scholarships to several ballet schools and has worked with major brands like Lenovo and Converse!

Dr Nikki Stamp is quite literally putting her stamp on the medical world! She's one of few female heart surgeons in Australia who is constantly advocating for women in all career paths. 

Mindful Entrepreneurs 

You're about to see a lot more about this queen on your screens! While Flexi Mami is set to make her debut on the next season on Big Brother Australia, she's also the creator of Reflex cards, which come in a variety of themed packets that aim to help to start conversations worth having! 

Martina Martian is a very successful illustrator from Sydney who creates cute art coupled with empowering messages! She has worked with major brands like Adidas, Nike, Adobe and even Instagram. She’s a great person to follow if you need a dose of positivity and inspiration as you scroll through your feed!

As seen on Oprah, these jars are so much more than just a pretty decoration! Founder Claire Summers created these Gratitude Jars to help remind people of their best and most cherished memories, gratitudes and helps to spread the love! 

Global Sisters is a female-run charity that supports unemployed and underemployed women start their own businesses! So far, Global Sisters has created over 219 businesses and has impacted over 1500 sisters. Of those, 30% are single mothers and carers and over half are women aged 50-plus, including women living in regional areas, refugees, Aboriginal single mums and grandmothers facing homelessness. 

Founder of ZADI fitness, Adala Zadi is taking over your perceptions of the gym with female-specific strength and HIIT training gyms. We have no doubts that once you go to one of these classes, you will be feeling like a boss in no time!

Fashion Gurus

If you want to help better the planet, without having to compromise on fashion, these sustainable products are everything you need. The Aussie babes at Thinc provide reusable, everyday kitchen, bathroom and lifestyle products to help curb wasteful habits!

Modibodi is the ultimate female designed and led brand, providing reuseable and leakproof apparel for periods, pelvic floors, perspiration and pee! Even our very own Ash London loves them, and they now have a fabulous new active range set with fashionable leak-proof leggings! *Adds to cart*

This mother-daughter business started by Maria and Anastasia was originally just a side hustle to help create affordable, yet stunning sterling silver jewellery. Now, they have built their own jewellery empire with everything from chunkier statements to fine pieces, their offering is versatile and on-trend! 

This Perth based designer and mother of two, has created the ultimate swimwear for women by women! Amore and Sorvete products are all sourced both ethically and sustainably. They also now have a stunning lingerie collection you just have to check out!

Entertainment Queens

If there's one reality TV star we can't get over, it's Brooke Blurton. We first met her on Nick Cummins season of The Bachelor and she's the young Indigenous Australian making waves for future generations. She's also an R U OK? Day Ambassador and LGBTQ+ advocate! 

While we're on the Bachie train, Abbie Chatfield comes to mind as another advocate for change and self-empowerment, known more recently for her win on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! where she continuously calls out anyone BS!

You can also rely on TV and radio queen Carrie Bickmore to keep it real with her gram. She has raised over $17 million for Carries Beanies For Brain Cancer, which aims to raise money towards research into brain cancer after the passing of her late husband.

Rebecca Morse is another TV and radio guru who loves her fashion with a side of social responsibility. She recently launched a coastal cleanup initiative that aimed to clean up local South Australian beaches! She's now also joined TABOO's campaign to help end period poverty and end the stigma around periods. She continues to keep it real both on-air and on the gram calling out any social injustices she sees!

In other words, the queen of music! Jessica Mauboy is an Indigenous Australian was born and raised in Darwin, who came to fame in 2006 after her debut on Australian Idol. She oozes all things fashion and self-empowerment! 

Let us know in the comments who your favourite female boss is to follow on Instagram and we'll add them to the list!

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8 March 2021

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