We Think We've Found The Longest Carrot In Tassie!

Holy carrot!!

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It's time for another Hit of Happiness to brighten up your week and this time, we have a weird one for you!

Warren Prewer from the Launceston Horticultural Society may have just grown Tassie's longest carrot at a whopping 1.4 metres long. 

Before the Coronavirus hit, Warren had plans to showcase his gigantic carrot in the Launceston Horticultural Society's Autumn Show, but obviously circumstances have changed dramatically, so instead, Warren is showing off his bloody big carrot to Jimmy & Nath.


The boys got in touch with Warren to ask him a few questions about his monstrous carrot. Warren tells us where he found his carrot seeds, what other gigantic vegetables he grows and how long he hopes to grow his next carrot. 

Tune into the full chat below... 
Georgie Marr

6 May 2020

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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