We Ask Keith Urban: "Who Does Your Hair?"

Our very loose chat with this legend!

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The great Keith Urban joined us on the show this morning and it's fair to say it all got a little loose, in a good way of course.

We spoke about all sorts of things. Why he hasn't been to Perth since 2014? What's the thinking behind his latest album and tour, and why, oh why, did Keith quit school at 15?

"I hated school, I'm sorry, I sucked at it"

"I said to Mum and Dad, 'I could be earning really good money playing in this band, 5-6 times a week,

"I quit school at 15, start playing five nights a week, four hours a night around the pubs and clubs in Brissy."

Pete, of course, had to ask the epic question of the Aussie legend. Who does your hair Keith? His answer was awesome.


Thanks to the legend that is Keith Urban for being such a good sport!


22 July 2021

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