Was The Standing Ovation For Andrew Gaff Inappropriate?

"We had no idea what Gaff had done"

6 August 2018

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The AFL community was rocked yesterday as they watched West Coast Eagles player Andrew Gaff punch Fremantle Dockers youngster Andrew Brayshaw on the field, leaving him with a broken jaw and surgery.

This morning, Heidi, Xavier & Ryan discussed the incident in depth with one question sparking a big response from our listeners: was the standing ovation for Andrew Gaff at the end of the game inappropriate? 

Were the Eagles fans unaware of what had happened when they applauded?

Xavier came out first saying the standing ovation was not on: 

But Eagles fans were quick to call in and defend their actions: 

Did you go to the game yesterday? Do you think the standing ovation was inappropriate or harmless? How many weeks do you think Gaff should/will get? 

Share your thoughts with us in our Facebook comments! 

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