WA Is Expected To Be The Hottest Place On Earth Today

This heatwave just got taken up a notch.

7 December 2018

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We may be experiencing some stunning beach weather here in Perth, but three towns up north are being faced with dangerous new temperatures.

The Bureau of Meteorology defines a heatwave as three unusually warm days and nights in a row, but the Bureau has classified the weather today, Saturday and Sunday as an extreme heatwave.

An extreme heatwave is the highest and rarest level which impacts “normally reliable infrastructure, such as power and transport. Extreme heatwaves are a risk for anyone who does not take precautions to keep cool, even those who are healthy.”

Over the three-day period, temperatures in Fitzroy Crossing are expected to reach 47°C, which would be recording breaking in December.

The heatwave is currently stretching from the Kimberley region down through Adelaide to Melbourne and stems from a mass of hot air moving so slowly it sits in one area and intensifies.

Broome is tipped to reach a maximum of 35°C, while Port Hedland is expected to see a high of 42°C.

Take a look at the video below:


As extreme heatwaves are a danger to all, please read the Department of Health’s heat safety tips HERE.

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