Victorians Warned To Be Vigilant Around Water In Winter

“Dangerous misconception”

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People are being urged to act more vigilantly around water in the winter months as new data revealed it is the second most dangerous time for drownings.

Life Saving Victoria said winter is no time to relax around water with last winter recording 15 drownings – eight more than the 10-year average.

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Victorians making the “dangerous misconception” that they are safe in their own homes has resulted in more spas and baths drownings in July compared to any other time of the year.

Dr Hannah Calverley told the Herald Sun a parent looking away to check their phone or to pour themselves a drink is enough time to result in a drowning.

“Drowning can happen as quickly as 20 seconds in as little as a few centimetres of water."

- Hannah Calverley

53 people have lost their lives to drowning this year, 13 per cent shy of the highest number of recorded deaths. 

The research also revealed 41 per cent of drownings in the last decade involved alcohol or drugs and more than a third happened in a river, creek, stream or dam.

Life Saving Victoria’s Research and Health Promotion Co-ordinator Beáta Kiss said simple steps can be taken to protect yourself and loved ones.

“Be aware of the risks around water, even if you don’t plan on getting in, and always be vigilant,” she said.

“Always actively supervise children around water, no matter how shallow and ensure there are appropriate barriers to pools or other bodies of water on your property.”

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8 July 2022

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