Victorian Kids To Wear Face Masks In Class As Covid And Other Winter Viruses Surge

Applies to children 8-years and older

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While not mandated by the state government, schools in Victoria are asking students aged over 8-years-old to wear face masks in the classroom.

In a joint letter issued from the Department of Education, Independent Schools Victoria and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, all staff and students are advised to wear masks for the remainder of Term 3.

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"We are asking all students aged 8 and over and all staff in all schools across Victoria to wear masks when in class (except where removing a mask is necessary for clear communication) from now to the end of winter," the letter reads.

"We are asking for your support in explaining to your child or children the importance of this simple step that will help keep our schools as safe as possible."

Signed by the deputy secretary of the Department of Education Dr David Howes, Michelle Green, the chief executive of independent Schools Victoria and Jim Miles, the executive director of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, the letter is following the advice of the acting chief health officer Ben Cowie.


“We all appreciate how important it is for students to be back at school. This action will help make sure as many students and staff as possible are protected from Covid and other winter illnesses,” the letter says.

“Thank you for your help with this collective effort to keep our communities safe and healthy.”

Currently in Victoria, masks are only mandatory on public transport and in taxis, ride-shares, on planes, in prisons, police stations and in health and care facilities.


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19 July 2022

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