Victoria's Pandemic Bill Passed Following Parliament Debate

Power move

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The Victorian Government's controversial pandemic laws passed the upper house, giving Dan Andrews the power to issue public health orders. 

Victorian politicians debated the law to reach a final decision, and the new legislation was declared, beginning the process of becoming a section of Victorian law.

Andrews says receiving the crossbench-supported vote to pass the pandemic management bill will give the state a more secure framework to stay open.

"We need a set of rules because this pandemic is not over," the Premier said.

"In order to protect our staff, in order to protect the vulnerable, and in order to keep us safe and keep us open, we have to recognise in everything that we do that this is not over."

The bill gives both the Premier and Health Minister power to declare a pandemic and enforce various restrictions.

Discussions around the bill began on Tuesday, and carried over to Wednesday with suggested amendments. The parliament debate returned to the upper house on Thursday for the final vote.

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3 December 2021

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