Unforgettable 2020 Wedding Trends To Add To Your Wish List

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Was 2019 your lucky year to get engaged? 

Well, we’re sure you’re super excited to start organising everything, so we thought we’d give you a heads up on the most beautiful wedding trends set to take over the scene in 2020 that will get you started!

From magnificent statement pieces, to natural looks that make you feel more comfortable, 2020 is going to be an amazing year for your special day!

Off-the-shoulder allure 

You can still opt for your halter necks, spaghetti straps, strapless and all other kinds of gowns, but 2020 is bringing the off-the-shoulder look back to life!

Pearls all round! 

Pearls add sophistication to ANY look, and they’re becoming the go-to option to show off on anything from veils to accessories, jewellery and even the gowns themselves! 

The Bespoke Bride 

Some of us like to take the alternative route, and these unique, bespoke rings and wedding jackets are perfect for the modern bride. 

Two-piece gowns 

Why not show off the gorgeous body your husband always tells you he loves so darn much and choose a chic two-piece get up that is sure to have his jaw dropping to the ground!

Personalised accessories, statement veils & capes

2020 is about the personal touch and brides are adding little touches to shoes, clips, garters and veils to really make the day all about the bride and groom - from embroidering initials and quotes onto veils and the dresses themselves, to cute messages left on shoes and jewellery to make you smile. 

The No-fuss, relaxed bride 

Brides are choosing bold, statement accessories to contrast with laid-back hairstyles, or throwing away the sleek and hairsprayed ‘do’ for a wavy, quickly thrown up look. 

Comfy, yet stylish jumpsuits

The jumpsuit trend continues into 2020 and even if you don’t want to wear it during your ceremony, it’s a great and comfortable alternative for reception!

Sleek satin 

The 90s satin look is back and classier than ever, with loads of celebrities showing us just how elegant satin dresses can make you look and feel! 

Even if you’re not getting married next year, it’s best to save all the wedding inspo you can so you’re ready when the time comes!

What trend do you want to rock at your wedding? Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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