Have you been to this social media craze?!

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In association with TrickPic

27 September 2018

In association with TrickPic

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You've probably seen the Gold Coast's newest attraction popping up on your social media feeds over the past week.


AND GUESS WHAT?... it's located on the Gold Coast! That's right, we are lucky enough to be the home of this social media paradise. Sea FM actually had the chance to go & preview all that TrickPic had to offer & we were left nothing short of amazed.


Sitting right in the heart of Surfers Paradise, TrickPic has FIVE levels of illusions, artwork and AMAZING amazing 3D photo & ‘selfie" walls to get that exciting snap you've been looking for.

This place features over 30 incredible interactive scenes that put YOU in the picture. 


Families, teenagers, pretty much anyone would have a good time here. However, we do recommend that you take a friend along as you will need someone to be taking all of your snaps. 

Getting that ever illusive "perfect shot" has never been easier as there are directions for each scene in the form of footprints & phone angles. 


There's literally a scene for everyone, you could be hanging upside down from scaffolding in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or maybe you'd prefer to be escaping the grasp of a giant spider & crawling out of its nest? It doesn't stop there though, you'll also have to make your way through a hilariously fun maze of mirrors! 

Open from 10am to 9pm daily, step into the TrickPic world and experience Gold Coast’s newest attraction recommended for ALL ages. We had a great time & recommend checking it out for yourself!

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