Townsville Youth Struck With Outbreak Of FOMO

It's contagious!

30 April 2017

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Hundreds of local youth have contracted a vicious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) today, April 30.

Health experts believe the influx of Groovin The Moo selfies is to blame for the outbreak.

“We’re encouraging Townsville youngsters who can’t make it to the festival, to avoid all social media pipes as that’s where it seems to be contracted from,” says Dr Phache.

Symptoms include:

·         Sever whining

·         Increase in ‘devo’ emotions

·         Light to moderate crying

·         Phone throwing

·         Extended amounts of time spent on the couch staring at the ceiling

·         Junk food binging

·         Increased time spent surfing TV channels

Parents who are worried about their offspring should confiscate their technology devices ASAP.

Dr Phache is predicting that all symptoms will ease by Monday morning.

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