Townsville Surrogacy Baby Rixon Celebrates His First Birthday

Happy Birthday, Rixon!

Carley Whittington

22 January 2019

Carley Whittington

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Twelve months ago Townsville baby, Rixon Arena was born via a surrogate, Jess Brockie. 

Townsville couple Gareth & Bec Arena were not able to carry Rixon due to Bec's diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. 

Sadly the disease took her when she was only 30 years old, which was midway through Jess' pregnancy with Rixon. 

One of the last things that Bec did before she passed away was naming her baby boy, Rixon Arena. 


Now Rixon has celebrated his first birthday and Gareth couldn't be more in love with his best friend. 

"Yeah I'm loving everyday. It's hard work but it's definitely worth it. He's my whole reason for living," Gareth told The Project

Rixon's surrogate Jess says she can see a lot of Bec in his features. 

"Now I see so much of Bec, especially his eyes," says Jess. 

Last week Bec would've celebrated her 32nd birthday, just days before Rixon's first birthday. 


Gareth told The Project that his heart and time belongs to Rixon at the moment and that Bec still has a big slice of it as well. 

The first time Dad says he won't be joining the dating game anytime soon. 

"I'm not interested in anything like that, all my time is for Rixon. Bec was my one love really."

When it comes to becoming a Dad for a second time, Gareth says it's not off the table. 

"I still have one embryo left and someone's actually offered to be a surrogate for me." 


To see how great of a Dad that Gareth is to Rixon, follow their Instagram account @one_breath_at_a_time_




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