Top Tips To Conceiving Naturally

Fertility expert shares her advice

Emma Charlton

20 August 2018

Emma Charlton

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August 20-26 marks Natural Fertility Awareness week.

It’s estimated that just 15-25% of couples trying to conceive each month will be successful in conceiving and many underestimate just how long falling pregnant naturally can take.

We’ve spoken to fertility specialist Dr Sonya Jessup of Demeter Fertility to get her top tips on how to conceive naturally, from age and mindset to exercise and lifestyle.

Dr Jessup – a mother of five – has been through IVF herself and works to create a happy, low stress, sustainable approach to fertility treatments.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle - Consume a balanced diet (rich in fibre, folate, lycopene and fruits and vegetables), while minimising the consumption of highly processed foods.
  • Stay positive – maintain a positive mindset.
  • Exercise - Moderate physical activity can increase the ability to conceive.
  • Develop a fertility management plan – Having a plan in place allows for maximising natural fertility, and gives yourself the best chance of falling pregnant on your own.
  • Go easy on yourself - Don’t be too strict on yourself or make such dramatic lifestyle changes that the quest to fall pregnant takes the joy out of sex, work, socialising and everyday pleasures.
  • See a fertility specialist early on to check there are no other health issues that you should address prior to conceiving. Not only will this help you conceive sooner, but may help maximise the long term health of your future child.

We’ve also busted the top ten fertility myths and talked all things babies in your 40s+ with Dr Jessup, checkout for more!


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