Top Four Jobs Where The Money Is In Australia Right Now

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Think of growth industries like treasure chests – they’re where the money is. It’s widely acknowledged that Trades & Services, Healthcare & Medical, Engineering and Science & Technology are the most significant fields and destined to become big and bountiful in the years ahead.

TAFE not only offers a wide range of courses within these fields, but many of them are completely free of charge* next year! TAFE provides a great stepping-stone into these high-demand industries, with Victoria’s local GOTAFE running many of these well-respected courses across a number of its campuses.

Let’s have a look at the local booming sectors taking the nation by storm…

Growth industries in 2019 will include Trades & Services, Healthcare & Medical, Engineering and Science & Technology. Photo source: Pexels.

Trades & Services

The Federal Government has pledged $75 billion towards infrastructure over the next decade, so there’s plenty of work to go round!

A nationwide demand for residential and commercial development makes it easy to see why there’s been a staggering 34,000 new industry jobs advertised on Seek alone over the last year. Plus, there’s just so many options and avenues to pursue!

Courses GOTAFE offer: Building and Construction, Building Surveying, Civil Construction, Concreting, Plumbing, Horticulture, and Furniture Making.

The Federal Government has pledged $75 billion towards infrastructure in the next ten years. Photo source: Pexels.

Healthcare & Medical

Australia’s ageing population means that Healthcare & Medical is a sure-fire winner. The statistics also suggest that health costs per person will more than double over the next four decades, meaning that plenty more taxpayer money will have to be poured into the industry, and that’s a great thing for both earning and job potential! Plus, there’s the fact that the work is incredibly rewarding.

Courses GOTAFE offer: Dental Assisting, Disability, Mental Health, Nursing, Ageing Support, and Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Health costs per person will more than double over the next four decades. Photo source: Pexels.


Who could turn their nose up at a field with an average advertised salary of over $100,000? Not us! Once again, like the Trades & Services field, a huge boom in development across the country means, if you’re switched on enough, there’s plenty of room at the top!

Courses GOTAFE offer: Engineering, Engineering Pathways, Engineering Studies, and Building Surveying.

GOTAFE are offering courses in a range of Engineering studies now. Photo source: Pexels.

Science & Technology

As we, as a nation, become more reliant on technology (just look at this week’s renewed calls for an Australian Hyperloop), it’s not hard to see why this is such a booming sector. Develop skills here and you’ll be an asset to any employer.

There’s no better industry if you’re excited by the prospect of shaping our future. Or making yourself a clone!

Courses GOTAFE offer: Cyber Security, Electrotechnology.

GOTAFE offer exceptional courses in cyber security and electrotechnology - assets to any employer. 

Of course, in addition to each of these growth industries, there are also plenty of others, such as Hospitality, Mining & Energy, Agriculture and Business, with GOTAFE offering courses in each – many for free. But you’ll need to hurry because, so far, this initiative is only available in 2019.

There’s never been a better time to kick-start a new career!

To enquire about the full range of GOTAFE courses today, visit your closest campus, call 1300 GOTAFE or click here.

*Tuition only and only available in Victoria.

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8 January 2019

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