Toowoomba Police Go ‘Woggly’ for Child Protection Week

a 'woggly' pantomime

6 September 2018

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For the tenth year Police from various units in Toowoomba worked together to put on the Child Protection Pantomime, the ‘Woggles of Woggly Wood’ at the Empire Theatre.

The Pantomime is a fun and effective way to convey safety messages to up-skilled year 2 children from local schools. Over 1600 children from schools district wide attended one of four performances over Monday and Tuesday this week.

Image: QPS

It was a great amount of fun for the actors and audience, with heaps of dancing and singing, the children joining in on the songs and answering questions, some of the singing so loud the neighbouring offices heard it, with a smile!

The long term effects of the event were revealed when some of the adults present spoke of older students commenting on their memories of the Pantomime over the years and retaining the safety messages.

All in all, it was worth the strained vocal chords!

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