Today would have been Toyah Cordingley's 25th birthday.

It's been 8 months since her death.

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This time next week will be the 8 month anniversary of Toyah Cordingley's murder. 

The 24-year-old was walking her dog along Wangetti Beach on October 21st when she was attacked and never made it home. 

Our community has been hurting ever since, but the conversation that's followed has sparked not only local but a change across the entire country on our safety. 

Queensland Police have offered their condolences and say Operation Qubec Clarify is continuing to make progress. 

A dedicated team of detectives and support personnel have been established to bring the person responsible to justice. 

They say the investigation is continuing to move forward and is making progress. 

While Toyah's Mum Vanessa Gardiner has posted a moving tribute on social media: 

"Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter Toyah. Today you would have turned 25.I remember the day I gave birth to you.So tiny and holding your little hand so warm.The last time I held your hand it was so cold.I will always be so proud of you.Today we will celebrate with the usual chocolate vegan cake I made you every year.I miss you so much but I know the fairies are taking good care of you."

An Innisfail nurse who fled to India after Toyah's death remains a person of interest but has still not been located and is believed to be hiding in a temple. 

We'll see some sunflowers across our community for Toyah today. 


14 June 2019

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