This Spa Wants To Let You Have Unlimited Treatments For A Day With Your BFFs!


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Let's be honest, quarantine has let us feel like we know exactly how to replace our beauticians and has had us googling homemade face masks and how to colour our eyebrows.

The answer is no, put down the... dye/scissors/honey/salt... whatever it is you think will replace our blessed specialists.

QT Hotels have revealed they are on the hunt for the best beauty faux pas (or if you're confident, fab finds) that you've experimented with while in iso.

The prize for the best?

Basically, you and 4 friends get to run wild in either their freshly opened Sydney or Gold Coast SpaQ locations.

This includes A DAY (yes a day) ofĀ UNLIMITED (yes unlimited) treatments PLUS a take-home bag worth $300.

You can check out all the details for the giveaway here. In the meantime, some crackers that have already surfaced include;

My faux-pas was from not being able to get my lash extensions done. So i was using eye envy morning and night (even though ths bottle says ONCE a day šŸ™ˆ) I over used it so much that my eyes reacted and could barely see for a few days. My eyes were so red and irritated. Back to normal now, slow and steady on the eyenvy!

Or what about this one;

My covid-19 isolation faux pas is so embarrassing but I must say worked lol !!! While all the salons have been closed and I havenā€™t been able to go for my regular chemical peels I was desperate and went to the extreme measures of using the first drop of my morning urine to dab on my breaking out acne ... 7 days of this and there isnā€™t a single raised acne ! Disgusting but desperate time calls for desperate measures lol !

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22 June 2020

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