This Simple Trick Will Tell You If You Suit Short Hair

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Cutting your hair can feel like the hardest decision of your life, especially when you’ve been sporting long locks for majority of your life. 

How do you know if it will look good? 


We’ve all done the old test of tying your hair in a low pony tail, letting your shortest layers fall to the front for a bit of an idea; or if you don’t have layers, you push your loose pony forward so you create a little Pepito from Madeline looking bob. 

But hair mogul John Frieda has a rule he swears by so you don't end up looking like Pepito.  


1. Hold a pencil horizontally under your chin.

2. Position a ruler vertically under your ear. 

3. Measure the distance from the bottom of your ear down to the pencil. 

If you measure less than 5.7cm, congratulations! Short hair should look fab on you! 

If your measurements come up longer than 5.7cm, then, WHY NOT TRY SHORT HAIR ANYWAY? 

Give the test a try and let us know if it works for you! 

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16 January 2020

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