This Perfect Greek Island Will Pay You To Move There


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If you are looking for a change of scenery then we’ve found the perfect new home for you.

The Greek island of Antikythera is offering to pay people to go and live there! Antikythera has only 24 permanent residents, although they get a few more during the summer tourism season. 


The island’s local council is offering €500 ($AU800) a month to families who would like to relocate. You’ll get a house and a plot of land on which you can start a business or a farm. 

One family has reportedly already relocated, with the island’s school reopening for the first time in 27 years to cater for the new residents.


Antikythera has everything you’d imagine that a Greek island would have – beautiful blue water, amazing beaches and a small town with white buildings. The island is located between Crete and Kythira. 


Maybe it’s time for you to open a hotel there and live out your Mamma Mia dreams? You can find out more about the island here.

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8 July 2019

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